Fuse is here to empower businesses, projects, and other entities when it comes to crypto payments and DeFi. To achieve this, Fuse has created a suite of mobile-first tools that allow users to create their own blockchain solutions and implementations. Fuse is made up of:

  1. The Fuse, EVM-compatible, decentralized blockchain.
  2. A mobile-first tech stack for allowing token payments.
  3. DeFi products and tools to help adoption of the Fuse platform.

Fuse also has its own token, $FUSE, used for staking, governance, transaction fees, validation, and payments on the network.

Working together

We have been working with Fuse since November, developing the best partnership for both ecosystems beyond simple co-marketing. 100,000 FUSE tokens are now in the hands of Beefy Finance to create our Beefy validator for the chain, strengthening its decentralization. Both projects will also provide $BIFI and $FUSE in equal parts to create a $BIFI-FUSE LP on fuse.fi. This will allow Fuse users to buy and sell $BIFI on the blockchain’s biggest DEX.

When it comes to bridging, Multichain.io (formerly Anyswap) has already deployed contracts to bridge $BIFI to Fuse. It’s official… $BIFI is now on 11 chains. As always, the supply stays the same (80,000 $BIFI) so there’s never any inflation.

We see Fuse as a forward-thinking team with a deep will for collaboration. This is vital for any partnership, and we wish the best of luck to the chain. As part of our responsibility to the Cowmoonity, we will work to make this relationship as advantageous as possible for all users.

Meet Fuse

If you’ve got more questions on the project, why not ask them yourself? This Thursday 13 January at 14:00 UTC, Beefy will host an AMA with the Fuse team. There will also be the opportunity to earn some $BIFI and $FUSE in the event. To join in the broadcast, head to Fuse or Beefy’s Telegram channel at the mentioned time, or listen directly from Beefy Finance’s Twitter Space. We’ll also be collecting questions from the team on Discord and Twitter.

How to bridge to Fuse

Bridging to Fuse is simple with Fuse.fi. Head to the site and connect your BSC or ETH wallet to send $BUSD, $ETH, $FUSE, and $BNB across chains.

You can also buy $FUSE on 1inch and PancakeSwap using the following token contract: 0x5857c96dae9cf8511b08cb07f85753c472d36ea3. Once you’ve secured some $FUSE, don’t forget to stake in our new Beefy vaults for some bumper APYs.

$BIFI is already on Fuse thanks to Multichain (formerly Anyswap). You can bridge your $BIFI from any of the other 10 chains Beefy is on, directly to Fuse.

New Fuse vaults on Beefy

There are a variety of new Beefy vaults on Fuse to let you maximize your APY returns on staked Fuse funds. As per usual, they’re autocompounding and meet Beefy’s high safety standards. Don’t forget you can always Zap into the vaults with a single token, saving you the work of entering the liquidity pool yourself.

That’s it! You have all the information you need to earn the highest yield, in the safest way, thanks to Beefy and Fuse. We look to meeting you all in the AMA and asking the Fuse team your questions.