LaCucina is a DeFi platform that enables users to earn extra token rewards on their staked funds without leaving any pools. This helps projects improve user engagement and incentivize participation, all without the need for withdrawing their stake from Beefy Vaults. LaCucina also wants to make sure it’s not just whales that get rewarded either. Small fish in liquidity pools can earn rewards based on their time staked and other factors.

So what exactly do some of these rewards look like? Well, at the moment like aliens. Taliens to be exact. LaCucina has built an NFT crafting ecosystem where users can cook new NFTs to improve their bonus rewards. These are available to purchase with $LAC tokens earned from staking in partner projects’ LPs.

Beefy and LaCucina working together

As part of the Beefy and LaCucina partnership, LaCucina will set up Ovens covering certain Beefy Vaults. Each Oven will track staking data over a certain period to determine extra rewards for stakers. All a Beefy user will need to do is connect their staking wallet to LaCucina to claim their rewards at a later date. To begin, Beefy will launch a Vault covering the MDEX $LAC farm, allowing you to optimize your yields and earn LaCucina rewards all in one place, followed by Ovens for 3-4 more Beefy Vaults.

Meet LaCucina

You don’t have to just take our word for all of this either! We will host an AMA with La Cucina on our Discord server, next Friday at 12:00 UTC. The AMA will be chat-based and take place on the AMA Channel . Before the AMA, we will collect questions for the La Cucina team with rewards given for the best questions. You can learn more about the project and even win exclusive Secret Ingredient NFTs from their collection.

What are Taliens?

Taliens are LaCucina’s NFT alien collection from Planet Talios, currently available to mint for free in their Genesis Series. After LaCucina’s official launch on January 24, a single Talien will be sold for around $250 each, so make sure to mint them while you can!

There are 10,000 Genesis Taliens up for grabs, limited to one Talien per wallet. Each Talien has a unique set of features, all with different rarities. You can also collect NFT accessories for your Talien and customize their looks.

Owning a Talien provides exclusive benefits in LaCucina, including early access to Secret Ingredient NFTs for crafting and the ability to combine an increased amount of Secret Ingredients. You’ll also be able to uncook for free and enjoy increased voting power.

To mint your very own Talien, you can:

  1. Head to the LaCucina Discord channel and verify yourself.
  2. Read the instructions in the # ⭐minting-instructions channel
  3. Go to the 👽-makemetalien channel and type “/makemetalien”
  4. Follow the instructions given by the bot. You’ll need a crypto wallet and enough BNB for the minting fee.

For more detailed instructions, head to the Minting Your Talien Guide.

Don’t forget, Genesis Taliens are limited to 10,000, so make sure to mint yours now while they’re still available.

What is $LAC?

$LAC is LaCucina’s native BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain. $LAC is distributed to users via rewards from staking on third-party decentralized exchanges and Beefy and will be swappable on a number of DEXs. By staking in supported projects’ liquidity pools, you can begin to earn $LAC and claim it by connecting your wallet to the LaCucina platform.

You can use your $LAC to enter the Taliens NFT ecosystem and purchase collectibles, create new NFT Dishes, and hasten or reverse the cooking process when combining Secret Ingredients. Each Dish you create can also boost your $LAC rewards with an X1 to X10 multiplier when activated in any Oven.

New LaCucina vault on Beefy

Beefy is launching our auto-compounding $LAC-$USDT LP Vault to bring you optimized games on your LaCucina holdings. As always, you can Zap into the Vault with only one token from the pair to make the process simple.

We will also release more LaCucina Vaults with Ovens in the future denoted with LaCucina cards in our Beefy V2 UI. This way, you’ll easily be able to learn about all the reward opportunities on offer when you stake.

LaCucina and Beefy are bringing about DeFi innovation

LaCucina is a fitting partner for us here at Beefy Finance as we value innovation highly. The concept of boosting your APY and rewards without leaving a pool makes our Beefy Vaults the perfect match. While you typically would have to move to a Beefy Boost Vault, with LaCucina there’s no need.

And much like Beefy, LaCucina has multi-chain dreams. In the future, Beefy will offer LaCucina Vaults on new blockchains as support for them comes.