As one of our most popular chains, Fantom has a wealth of investment opportunities for Beefy users. Our top DeFi strategists have been working hard in the lab to come up with more ways to maximize your FTM gains.

We’re excited to bring to the Cowmoonity beFTM. Prepare to earn more on your FTM with just the click of a few buttons. And best of all? We’re the first to use this specific strategy, so you won’t be finding this anywhere else.

What is beFTM?

First of all, beFTM simply means Beefy Escrowed Fantom. The token is fully backed 1:1 by FTM and can be staked on the Beefy platform and farms on major DEXs. beFTM gives stakers access to maximized validator rewards that typically aren’t available to the individual investor without locking FTM for 1 year.

How does beFTM work?

To get your hands on beFTM, users must first deposit their FTM in the Beefy Delegator Vault. beFTM is then minted 1:1 with the FTM deposited. The collective pool of FTM is delegated to Beefy’s validator and perpetually locked as long as possible (51 weeks) to earn maximum validator rewards. We supply 1/15 of the deposit to our validator so we never hit the delegation limit. By staking our users’ FTM together, the Cowmoonity enjoys a much higher rate of return.

What can I do with beFTM?

After getting your hands on beFTM, there are a few options to start earning yield:

  1. Stake beFTM on Beefy in the Reward Pool to earn your wFTM reward share
  2. Stake beFTM on Beefy to earn more beFTM
  3. Stake in beFTM-FTM farms on all the major DEXs

Where can I get beFTM?

Apart from minting beFTM on Beefy, you’ll also be able to trade the token on DEXs. All major Fantom DEXs, including BeethovenX, Spirit, Solidly, and Spooky will offer pools for trading.

Harness the power of the Delegator Vault

With Beefy, there’s no need to accept anything less than maximum FTM rewards. As the first in the DeFi space to offer this strategy, we’re excited to help you earn more. To bump up your gains, head to the Delegator Vault and start minting your own beFTM.