Beefy Finance integrates with Moonriver to expand their DeFi ecosystem

Beefy Finance continues believing in the multi-chain future and Moonriver becomes the 9th chain we deploy on. Read all about it here:

November 3, 2021

$BIFI is now accepted on Scream markets

Adoption is key for the health of a project. Starting today, you will be able to lend and borrow $BIFI on Scream. Isn’t this exciting?

October 28, 2021

Your mooTokens are really valuable, now, even more. Beefy x QiDAO x

We have partnered with QiDAO and to bring you more use cases for your mooTokens, learn all about it here.

October 26, 2021

Meet our undead friend, BeethovenX

We all watched those viral youtube videos of cows gathering around a guy playing the accordion. Our latest partner will sound like music to cows ears, meet our undead friend, BeethovenX.

October 21, 2021